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‘How Could He Betray U??’ – Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian Once Had a Serious Banter With Logan Paul Over His…….

The husband of Serena Williams, Alexis Ohanian, is nothing less than a celebrity himself. The co-founder of Reddit is often spotted with the who’s who of different walks of life. While many believe the stardom that Ohanian enjoys today is because of his wife, his social media handles tell a different story.

Being a prominent entity, it is needless to say that Ohanian is highly active on his social media handles. He uses his handles to express his opinions along with sharing glimpses of his various engagements. Going back in time, in 2014, the American entrepreneur took to his Twitter handle, taking a dig at now WWE superstar, Logan Paul.

Alexis Ohanian calls out the editor of Bloomberg
Logan Paul recently made the headlines for winning his debut WWE match at the 2022 Summer Slam. Being in control from the start, the 27-year-old showed no mercy in outplaying 2-time WWE champion, The Miz. While Paul continues to build a major fan base with his win, not many know that he has a pre-existing fan base of millions.

Years back, Logan Paul rose to fame as one of the most popular YouTubers and a social media celebrity. Considering his massive fan following, in 2014, he was invited to a show hosted by a renowned anchor, Andy Cohen. Enjoying the conversation, Cohen took to his Twitter handle, putting up a Tweet featuring him with Logan.

Before Andy, the then editor of Bloomberg, Stephanie Ruhle had also taken interviewed Logan. Learning about Andy’s Tweet, Ruhle took to the comment section, taking a hilarious dig at Paul. “Logan- are you cheating on Bloomberg TV?” she wrote.

As mentioned earlier, Ohanian is often spotted with the who’s who of different walks of life. Similar was the case back in 2014. Ohanian and Stephanie were spotted indulging in conversations online. Taking the liberty of their online friendship, Ohanian further contributed to Andy’s Twitter thread by saying, “WHOA! Stephanie, you know Logan, too? How could he betray u???”

The hilarious banter didn’t end here. Going ahead in the conversation, Logan Paul replied to Ohanian saying “LET’S GET ONE THING STRAIGHT I LOVE EVERYBODY.” The hilarious conversation ended with Stephanie taking another dig at Logan Paul. “Know &love! But now I’m a woman scorned…,” she asserted.

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