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Truth: Tiger Woods shares Distrubing revelation about Elin Nordegren

Good news about Tiger Woods: he is seeing his kids frequently. We are talking about Charlie Axel, 12, and Sam Alexis, 13. A sources close to the golfer tell “People” in this week’s issue that his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, has been “incredible” in letting the kids spend extra time with their dad.

Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods
“He sees the kids a lot,” says the insider. “Maybe not every day, but almost every day. A lot of that is because of Elin, who is just amazing. She’s been incredible since the crash.

She has bent over backwards to make sure that he can see the kids while he recovers from his injuries.” The Tiger Woods car accident is still a mistery. Evidence released this week from the investigation continues to point to a simple cause that ties all the available clues together, forensic crash experts told USA TODAY Sports.

They believe the evidence is consistent with Woods being unconscious when he left his lane and then went on a straight path of pure danger for nearly 400 feet instead of staying with the road as it curved right. Woods didn’t hit the brakes during the recorded collision sequence, didn’t steer out of the emergency and didn’t remember driving.

But the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department instead gave other reasons for the crash this week and barely mentioned the possibility of Woods being unconscious. “Their conclusions are misguided, and the investigation obviously wasn’t thorough”, said Jonathan Cherney, a former police detective who now works as a car crash reconstruction expert.

Tiger Woods thought he was in Florida after crashing his car last February. A 22-pages report on the California accident reveals it. The document also states that the athlete’s blood pressure was so low that it was not even possible to administer painkillers.

In addition, an empty unlabeled drug pack was found in a backpack. It is therefore not known what type of medicine it contained. Still according to the car’s black box data, Woods made no attempt to swerve to avoid the midline and thus go off the road.

“If he had braked to reduce speed – said Sergeant Michael Downing, the agent who prepared the report – he would not have ended up against the midline and the accident would not have occurred” According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff, the crash was caused by speeding.

Woods drove at around 140km / h in an area where the permitted limit is 72km / h. There is also no sign that Woods braked before going off the road. Woods has sustained multiple fractures in his right leg and it is still unclear whether he will be able to return to the golf courses again.

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