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‘Dark truth’ behind Kate Middleton, Prince William’s viral partying pics

Kate Middleton allegedly struggled with the press in the early days of her relationship with Prince William, a royal expert claimed.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s old photos and videos of dancing the night away in nightclubs recently went viral.

“Party hard like normal young people,” was the caption of the video.
Writing for news.com.au, royal expert Daniela Elser claimed, “For nearly five full years, Kate was chased, harangued, dogged and generally harassed.”

“A photo of Kate making some terrible face or losing it was far more valuable than her just going about her business,” she said.

“Kate did not have it easy by any stretch of the imagination. Sure, she got the bloke and will one day get her very own crown but were her years of royal girlfriend-dom a non-stop, giddy ride of partying in Mayfair?” Daniela continued.

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