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Kate Middleton and Prince William’s birthday message to Meghan sparks fans’ fury

A birthday message from Kate Middleton and Prince William to Meghan Markle has been met with fury from a number of Royal Family fans.

While the Cambridge family took to Twitter to share some birthday cheer with the Duchess of Sussex, many replies to the tweet from the Kensington Official account were less than happy.
Few were filled with praise for Meghan, who dramatically quit the Royal Family alongside husband Prince Harry in 2020.

Replies to the well-wishing tweet were split between support for Meghan and praise for the Cambridge family in “taking the high road” by sending the Duchess of Sussex a birthday message.
One user wrote: “William and Catherine always take the high road. Always choose to be graceful and classy. Incredible.”

While another user said that Meghan “doesn’t deserve birthday wishes,” another replied saying that it spoke more of the Cambridge family, who a third user described as “truly kind, global leaders and they always take the high road”.

Despite the public offering of birthday wishes from the Cambridges to the Duchess of Sussex, it isn’t likely they’ll see any public reply.
Messages of support for the Sussexes were few and far between, although one user did wish “peace, love and joy” into the life of Meghan on her 41st birthday.

Another user wrote: “May this daring lady love long prosperous and happy life with her family.”
But others were furious to see that Meghan had been sent a birthday message, with one post dubbing her the “Duchess of Drama” while another said she “really doesn’t deserve anything from us”.
Royal Family fans appeared to agree, though, that the tweet showed “class” from Will and Kate.

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