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KIM K IMORTANCE: Kim Kardashian reportedly wants Kanye West to squash his beef with Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian has realized how important it is for her children to grow up with their father close to them, she wants Kanye West inside her close circle. Her relationship with Pete Davidson has prevented this to happen due to Kanye West’s behavior after his relationship ended with Kim.

From songs where he dissed Pete to public statements against the comedian, Kim Kardashian was worried about her boyfriend. Currently, Davidson is shooting a movie in Australia and this has given Kim and Kanye some time to talk about this aspect of their relationship. With help from the kids, Hollywood Life has managed to get a statement frmo a close spurce about the general plan when Davidson returns.

Kim Kardashian wants Kanye to get along with Pete.
This is what the source told the folks at Hollywood Life: “Kim wants Kanye to sit down face to face with Pete with the help of a mediator so that he can see what a good guy he is and how he is a positive influence in Kim’s life, as well as their kids’ lives.

“North has spoken to her dad about how cool Pete is and how he is like a funny older brother to her. Kanye knows that Pete isn’t trying to hop into the father role with his kids and he also knows that he must bend so that he can continue having the type of co-parenting with his kids and Kim that he has right now after Pete returns.”

According to this source, one of their children repeatedly speaks with Kanye about how well they all get along with Pete. Both men should have a sit down as soon as Pete Davidson comes back from Australia, it has all been arranged by Kim Kardashian. According to this report, Kanye West is completely on board with it as he thinks about his children’s benefit.

Kim is very aware that Kanye’s best self is when he is around his children and she wants that to be the norm. She wants West around but that can’t happen if he and Pete don’t sit down to squash their beef. In reality, Kanye is the only one who has a problem, not Davidson.

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