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Renowned Honeymoon: Meghan Markle ‘will definitely leave’ Prince Harry without ‘constantly renewed courtship’

Meghan Markle has come under fire for her desperate need for “constant courtship” and “renewed honeymoon periods.”
This observation has been made by astrologer Jessica Adams, in her latest interview with Express UK.
She began by admitting, “She can never be alone for long and thrives on duets, but also on duels.”

“It suits her nature to have herself and Harry against the world; it actually strengthens the marriage.”

The biggest test of her bond with Harry comes from March 2027 to April 2035.
“It’s a variation of a seven-year itch and takes seven or eight years of willpower if they’re going to make it.”
Meghan was “born for courtship and needs a constantly renewed honeymoon period – all the time.”

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