‘Stubborn’ Andy Murray reveals reason for reverting back after…

Andy Murray has shed light on why the major change he made for the 2022 season hasn’t worked out the way he wanted saying he “lost a little bit of control”
Andy Murray decided to try a new racquet at the start of the 2022 season, a huge decision for a top player that had been using the same racket for over 10 years, but after just a few weeks his team persuaded him to return to the trusty old frame that had seen him through some of his greatest moments as a tennis player.

Murray was asked about the change at the Citi Open in Washington when he said,
“I did change racquets until the end of March, and then I went back to my old racquet.
“At the end of last season I had been throughout last year testing a lot of racquets during the year, but it was in between events. I wasn’t competing with them.

“I decided to make the change in the off-season, so I spent four or five weeks practicing with the same new frame, essentially to try and help give me a little bit more power, make the game hopefully a little bit easier for me.

“I played with it for the first three months of the year. It was a good racquet, but I lost a little bit of control and felt like some of the issues that I was trying to solve with changing the racquets was not because of the racquet; that I could make those technical changes that would allow me to create more power on my serve, for example, or on my groundstrokes. It would be better to actually address what the problem was from a technical perspective rather than just to go, Oh, I’m going to get a racquet, a new racquet, and that’s going to solve my issues.

“I did try to make a change because I’ve been using the same racquet since 2003. You would hope that racquet technology has improved since then, but I’m a little bit stubborn. I gave it a go, but couldn’t quite do it.”

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