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Life of an Athlete: Serena Williams, Who Suffers From Insomnia, Once Received a Strong Reply in the Middle of the Night From Dana White

Crossovers in movies and television shows are a common occurrence. However, we don’t often see that happening in sports. Athletes and promoters are usually so busy with their work that interactions with other sports entities do not often occur. However, the busy Dana White once took out the time to break this tradition. The UFC President once involved himself in a conversation with tennis ace Serena Williams.

The saga began when the tennis ace tweeted in the middle of the night. Highlighting her struggles to sleep, Williams wrote, “Why am I awake???????!!! Someone Tell me to go to sleep!!”

UFC President Dana White was quick to respond to Williams in the middle of the night. Through his tweet, one could guess that the UFC boss relates to Williams. He wrote, “@serenajwilliams I just asked myself the same thing! Go to sleep serena”

While the duo indulged in this conversation, the inability to sleep is an issue Serena Williams has been struggling with. The tennis champion who also owns a stake in the UFC spoke about the same.

Serena Williams on suffering from insomnia
The life of an athlete is filled with injuries and Serena Williams is no different. In fact, Williams throughout her career has suffered through a lot of injuries but she has always managed to come back. Along with her injuries, the American tennis player also suffers from insomnia.

It is common for a human to stress themselves out, regardless of the work they do. Hence, a perfect amount of sleep is needed to maintain good health. Mentioning the same, Williams said, “A lot of people underrate sleep. You need a certain amount of sleep to rejuvenate your body, to rejuvenate the cells and to perform, whether you’re going to school or whether you’re playing a professional sport.”

Williams also spoke of her unhealthy habit of not being able to sleep, which runs in the family. “I’m not a sleeper. I’m kind of like my dad, never slept much. I can really go off of five hours of sleep, but obviously, that’s not healthy,” added Williams. Serena Williams believed that her inability to sleep came from the fact that she was enjoying life.

The tennis ace added, “Constantly on a natural high, high on life and happy, happy, happy and working.” However, this has also affected her ability to stay fit. Her inability to sleep affected her training and recovery. She said, “When I don’t get enough sleep I just can’t get a good workout. It’s low quality and I don’t have enough rejuvenation in my cells to use the muscles that I need to use”

However, Williams has now found a way to combat this problem. The tennis great is using a sleeping aid by the name of ‘Sleep Sheets’ to help her sleep better. Along with using this product, Williams is also the co-owner of it. She joins the likes of Chris Paul and LeBron James in doing so.

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