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Tennis Star Slam Novak Djokovic: ‘You have to finish Novak Djokovic immediately’

In an interview, Novak Djokovic recalled his beginnings in tennis. The Serbian player said: “My father used to be a professional skier, also my uncle, my aunt, so I come from a family of skiers and I grew up in the mountains, so I love snow.

I try every winter, even if I don’t have much time, but after I get back from Australia I usually have a few weeks and try to go skiing for a few days. I know people would say it’s dangerous and many athletes are banned from skiing, but not me, I try to be careful, obviously I’m not competing or anything like that, I’m just trying to enjoy myself with my family, my friends and it’s lovely.

I was running when I was younger, I had few runs, but when I was 10, 11 I really decided that I was going to go professional with tennis, that’s my sport for me.” Djokovic also talked about how he prepares for a match: “If I have a match at the end of the day, my pre-match routine usually warms up for the match, either in the morning and then rests in the afternoon and comes to another warm-up before the match, spending most of the time in the hotel, in the bed, just relaxing and then going to the park, to nature, like in a walk around to absorb the energy of nature and then just get on the court.”

Djokovic also commented on his gluten-free diet: “I found out that in 2010, I didn’t know before what beauty means, it became part of my life, of my diet. I lost instantly in the first four or four months. Five kilos, it was a big change, but I think this is the right thing to do.

I became more focused, faster, more dynamic on the court, I feel great on and off the court and it has definitely helped me feel better.”

Ivanisevic speaks about Djokovic
Speaking to Italian portal la Republica in a recent interview, Ivanisevic said he had been a fan of Sinner ever since the Italian was young, before lauding his “immense talent” and “humble” demeanor.

“I have been a really big fan of his since he was a kid,” Ivanisevic said. “He is humble, immense talent and growing beautifully. He is the future of tennis and will be able to win any Grand Slam. Even against Novak Djokovic in London: he played the top two in an extraordinary way,” he continued.

“Then he made a mistake in giving in and retreating in the third set. You can’t let Nole breathe. You have to finish him immediately.” Later on, on being asked to pick between Sinner and Matteo Berrettini — the two top-ranked Italians — Ivanisevic chose Sinner for his “exceptional” baseline game.

“Sinner or Berrettini ? As a tennis fan, I prefer Jannik,” Ivanesvic said. “Without a doubt. Because I like his tennis better. Matteo is great, he has an excellent serve, his slices are effective, it’s nice to see. But in my opinion Sinner it will be even better.”

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