Lorenzo Musetti: “Roger Federer as a super-coach too…

Would Roger Federer as a super-coach have too high a salary? According to young Italian player Lorenzo Musetti the answer would be: yes! Musetti closed the part of the year on clay with a beautiful and unforgettable affirmation at the ATP 500 in Hamburg, beating none other than the Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz in the final.

The Italian player has already assimilated the joy of his first career title in the ATP Tour and is ready to focus exclusively on the next appointments on the court, transforming those beautiful memories into positive energy to face the new battles that await him.

The victory in Hamburg has undoubtedly unlocked him and now he will be called upon to follow up on this turning point of his 2022 season on American hard court, a surface less congenial to the characteristics of the current game.

Lorenzo Musetti: “Roger Federer as a super-coach too expensive!”
The very young Italian talent talked about himself and expressed some interesting considerations: “In life everyone has his own themes and his own path.

Learning from mistakes and forging himself as a man first and then as a tennis player. Last year was decisive in this regard. It was a difficult period, a set of things that crossed between work and private life, which caused a season with many ups and downs.Envious of the results of Jannik Sinner and Matteo Berrettini? I am always happy when they win and I have to thank them for having achieved success before me, allowing me to work quietly in a shadow.

Our example is doing well to all Italian tennis: Zeppieri and Agamenone in the semifinals in Umago, Cobolli, Passaro and Nardi. Our movement is experiencing a very positive and happy moment. Super-coach? I don’t think the concept is an obligatory choice in my path.
I already avail myself of the collaboration of Umberto Rianna, federal coach, who I intend to keep it. And if there was the availability of my great idol Roger Federer? Well, I don’t think I can afford his salary!” The full confidence in the relationship with the entire staff proved the very young 20 year old right, who has grown a lot in the last period and even reached the top 30 finish. Photo credit: Hamburg European Open.

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