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‘Worthless’ Prince Harry, Meghan Markle ‘no longer selling’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been branded ‘worthless’ over their depreciating value, as well as their inability to sell themselves when compared to pre-Megxit success.

Royal commentator Neil Sean made this claim on his YouTube Channel.
There, he claimed, “For Meghan Markle, this truly has to hurt. But we warned her and, more importantly, she failed to take notice.”

“Because of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge heading over to the United States of America for their Earthsot Charity, a lot of people are going to be really interested over in the States. Celebrities simply migrate to the next big thing, wherever you where, you’re now yesterday’s news.”

“And Harry and Meghan are seemingly finding that. This particular front cover from a magazine that truly did really embrace everything they were all about – wokeness, saving the planet and, more importantly, just loving them – they’ve decided to change tack.”

“This is all to do that also the editor of the magazine recently changed and, according to a very good source, allegedly the magazine editor isn’t as sympathetic as the previous editor.”

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