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Kate Middleton and Prince William’s sunbathing secrets revealed

Do you know what Duchess Kate and Prince William’s holiday body language says about them? Whether the Cambridges are travelling abroad on a royal tour or relaxing on a family trip, the couple are sending us secret signals about their personalities, according to leading body language expert Judi James.

New research from Hotels.com finds we’re a nation of sun seekers with over 56% going abroad specifically for a tan – but can the same be said for Kate and William? Pouring over photos from the Cambridges’ recent trip to the Caribbean to their first official engagement in Australia, Judi explains the “six different sunbathing types”. Is Duchess Kate a ‘Sunbed Space Invader’ or perhaps a ‘Fidgeter’ who gets easily bored lying in the sun? Keep reading to find out…

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s body langue clues
Judi considers the fact that Kate has a naturally relaxed disposition, but with three very energetic small children “she may get less time for her natural relaxed state than she would like.”
With this in mind, Judi explains: “She may find it hard to lie out and switch off for more than a few minutes before feeling impelled to sit up and check everything is ok. This would be based on wariness rather than boredom.”

Opposites really do attract, it seems. “William’s overall body poses, with his weight on one leg and his hands on his hips suggest a capacity for switching off when possible, as well as the kind of confidence that would lead to several self-rewarding behaviours, if and when he finally did have time to hit the beach.”
Together, Judi adds that Wiliam and Kate’s body language proves that they cherish their couple’s time on holiday. “Free time that is not spent with the children on a family holiday would probably be at a premium for William, so I would see him making the most of it when it does come around.”

The contrast between William’s subconscious body language on holiday versus formal events is striking. She says: “His body language rituals at more formal royal events can suggest some ongoing levels of social shyness and a hint of anxiety, but when he is in the role of Dad or husband, he seems able to switch off and have fun.”
Keep reading to learn about the six different sunbathing types – which one are you?

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s sunbathing types
“I’d see William as a ‘Chill and Refill’ sunbather, as someone able to stretch out and relax with a cocktail in one hand and a good book in the other.

“Kate, she may vary between the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and the ‘Fidgeter’. She will most likely try and lie back on a sun lounger and use this time to switch off and recharge, like the ‘Sleeping Beauty’, however, she might find this hard to do.”

“With three kids to entertain, and having such a busy lifestyle, switching off and doing nothing, might not be as natural for her anymore, hence why the ‘Fidgeter’ personality may creep in whilst she is away.”

What are the different sunbathing types and what does it say about your personality?
Each sunbathing personality type says something totally different. You can be one of these types or even several, changing your mindset as the holiday progresses.

The six personalities are:
* ‘The Sleeping Beauty’: switched off, solitary, and in the shade. Usually sporting a hat and there for the peace and quiet.

* ‘The Sunbed Space Invader’: sunbed hoggers, usually seen sneaking down at 5 am to reserve beds with their towels.
* ‘The Fidgeter’: fun and impulsive with limited time spent on sunbeds, always on the move.
* ‘The Chill and Refill’ : they have a cocktail and book in hand and are self-indulgent treaters rewarding themselves by switching off and relaxing – 67% of holidaymakers are this type.

* ‘The Sun Worshipping Pro’: a forensic tanner who will position themselves in the optimum place all day to achieve that perfect glow.
* ‘The Workaholic’: sunbathing accessories include a laptop and phone.

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