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Vacationing: Stephen And Ayesha Curry Share A Dreamy Anniversary Trip To France

Stephen and Ayesha Curry recently shared a dreamy anniversary trip to France. With the lifestyles the two lead, it’s likely hard to find time to get away, let alone enough time to relax enough to feel romantic. But, this super cute couple found the time to celebrate 11 years of marriage in the South of France.

Ayesha Curry wrote on her Instagram page: “It’s truly flown by. Getting to spend my life with my best friennnnnd, my love, my rock, my everything. Every year just gets better! I am so grateful and feel so blessed.”

The two spent their time away from the court and restaurant and in the close comfort of each other, first sipping on cocktails and espressos, then taking walks around the towns of Saint-Tropez and Antibes. After meeting in church as teens, the two grew closer and eventually married. Soon, they welcomed three children into their family.

Stephen is an obvious family man as well as a true fan of his wife. He has been by her side, encouraging her through times of insecurity and silly public comments. Ayesha has been by her husband’s side, too, often doting on Stephen herself.

Orchids dressed the table when the two stopped for drinks and dessert at Anjuna in the coastal town of Èze, France. Warm this time of year, you can see Ayesha’s fan sitting nearby, just under her shades and bag. Blue skies and water make the amorous day-scene pop.

And, can we talk about Ayesha‘s style for a minute? The pink dress with ruffles certainly makes the perfect date day fit for France. Not to mention, the high-cut, super white bikini? That needs to be on every bikini wearer’s packing list.

One thing that’s easy to see across the posts from their romantic getaway is that the two love hanging out! Their smiles surely say it all. The glow they have around each other beams love.

Congratulations to Ayesha and Stephen Curry on their romantic anniversary trip. Travel Noire wishes you many more years of wedded bliss and dreamy trips to France!

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