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Tyler Perry was not wrong when he called Meghan Markle princess

Meghan Markle’s showbiz pal Tyler Perry received backlash when he called her princess as he wished the Duchess of Sussex on her birthday recently.

Several people called him out and insisted that the former actress is not a princess.

According to Insider.com Meghan Markle became a Princess of the United Kingdom upon marrying Prince Harry in 2018.

The publication said Meghan is still considered a princess after stepping back from royal duties and moving to the US.
It said this is not likely to change since the royal title is Prince Harry’s birthright.

Commenting on the issue, royal commentator, Marlene Koinig said confirmed Meghan Markle’s rank is princess of the UK “but styled as Duchess because her husband is styled as Duke but his rank is Prince of the UK. He is also a peer, which means he is no longer a commoner. Princes/esses without peerages are legally commoners.”

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