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Emma Raducanu continues her trial basis with coach Dmitry Tursunov this week as she wants to give herself more time before she makes the final decision. Two weeks ago in Washington, Raducanu was joined by Tursunov. Last week in Toronto, Raducanu wasn’t with Tursunov since the Russian coach had something that was pre-planned.

This week in Cincinnati, Raducanu is again joined by Tursunov. “He’s here, we’re continuing the [coaching] trial,” Raducanu said. “It’s mainly, we just need to see how we work with each other, how we compliment each other.

That’s it, I guess. It’s too early to tell”.
Raducanu taking her time before she announces the new coach
Raducanu started the 2022 season with Torben Beltz in her coaching staff. In late April, Raducanu announced her decision to part ways with Beltz.

Raducanu has changed several coaches over the last year and it is clear that she is now taking her time before she decides who to hire full-time. Meanwhile, Raducanu is preparing to defend 2,000 points at the US Open. Raducanu is currently the 13th-ranked player in the world with 2,742 points.
If Raducanu loses early at the US Open, she could lose a large chunk of points and experience a big ranking drop. But Raducanu insists she is not concerned about that right now. “I just lost count how many times I’ve been asked this question,” Raducanu said.

“If I lose 2,000 points so be it, I’ll start again from the bottom. I know I can do something that no one else has done. I qualified and won the US Open, so I can start from the beginning, I can start from zero and I’m not afraid of that.

I just think that everything that’s happening right now has probably just meant to be in my journey and I need to go through those development stages at some point because I did miss them. I went from playing 25ks to winning the US Open.”

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