Olga Danilovic: Roger Federer walks at Wimbledon, everyone…

Serbian tennis star Olga Danilovic confirms that it is true that people are in absolute awe when they see Roger Federer on the grounds of The All England Club. Federer, 41, captured his first Grand Slam title at 2003 Wimbledon and now he is a record eight-time Wimbledon champion.

Federer is considered as a true Wimbledon icon and he is getting all the respect and appreciation when he is at at The All England Club. “I remember at Wimbledon, Federer walks, in an all-white outfit, and everyone is like, ‘Roger (stares in awe).’

I mean, it’s deserved,” Danilovic said on the Alesto podcast.
Federer hopes to play Wimbledon at least one more time
For the first time in the 21st century, Wimbledon was held without Federer participating. Federer was recovering still from a knee surgery and he wasn’t ready to compete at this year’s Wimbledon.

But Federer did appear at Wimbledon as he was present during the special ceremony that was held regarding the Centre Court’s 100th anniversary. “I hope I can come back one more time. I’ve missed being here,” Federer said.
“I would have loved to be here. I knew walking out here last year, it was gonna be a tough year ahead. Maybe I didn’t think it was gonna take me this long to come back but the knee has been rough on me. But I’ve been happy”.

Rafael Nadal, Federer’s old-rival, admitted at Wimbledon that he was sad to see The Championships taking place without Federer participating. “I personally miss Roger in the tennis tour and tennis of course miss him, tournaments, fans, everyone,” Nadal said at Wimbledon.

“I think Roger Federer is important in every single tournament. Not only Wimbledon. He’s a well missed player in every single event of tennis, without a doubt”. Federer is set to return in late September at the Laver Cup.

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