Tyson Fury agrees with Mike Tyson in Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk 2 prediction

Tyson Fury has agreed with Mike Tyson in his prediction of the outcome of Anthony Joshua’s rematch against Oleksandr Usyk this weekend. Joshua will hope to reclaim his titles and avenge his defeat to the dangerous Ukrainian.

AJ was soundly defeated by Usyk in that fight, with the latter able to simply stand in the pocket and outbox for Joshua for the majority of the fight. Usyk used his speed and fast hands to keep Joshua where he wanted him and was able to work inside to land his jab.

It’s a tactic that Joshua will avoid this time around, and look to switch things up after making a change to his coaching team, joining with Mexican Robert Garcia ahead of the fight.
But two of the great heavyweights of all-time are unsure if there’s anything Joshua can do to win, with both predicting Usyk to be too fast for AJ.

You can read their predictions in full below:
“In heavyweight boxing, it only takes one punch. It wasn’t a complete landslide last time, Usyk had a lot of marks on his face, he was cut up. He’s not hard to hit, Usyk, he’s right there in front of you. So, Joshua can obviously land a big punch, but I just think that Usyk’s too cute for him. Too smart, too quick, and a southpaw.

“I think that Robert Garcia trying to train him to be on the front foot or whatever and be aggressive will only enable Usyk to land more often. I just don’t see it, but then again, what do I know? Nothing about boxing. I’m heavyweight champion of the world, undefeated all that stuff.”

Mike Tyson
“It’s gonna be hard to beat him. It’s gonna be hard to beat Usyk because he’s fast and he outpunched Joshua with his jab. Joshua has to learn to deal with his jab.

“He’s too fast for Joshua. Joshua has to put a lot of pressure on him and keep it on him all night. He’s a powerful puncher, but he’s not as accurate – you’ve gotta be accurate against a guy like that. Because he moves so much, the jab is educated and he just outsmarts the guy.”

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