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“You Know His Dad Is There”: Max Verstappen Given Absolutely No Credit For Game-Changing F1 Entry In Highly Hypocritical Remark From F1 Champion

Max and Jos Verstappen are probably one of the most popular and active father-son duos in Formula 1 right now. Often known as a tough dad, Jos Verstappen left a significant contribution to his son Max Verstappen’s astonishing F1 career. However, one former F1 Champion thinks that’s that.

Undermining the Red Bull driver’s capability and talent, Jacques Villeneuve was of the opinion that Verstappen has made it big because of his father. Jos Verstappen, who once was a renowned F1 driver, helped his son to climb up the ladder to the top, Villeneuve thinks.

Talking about this, Villeneuve stated, “He’s Been in a Go-Kart since he was 5 and you have the impression that it’s his dad that’s in the car. You know his dad is there, present, pushing him till, so it’s that one aspect I don’t relate to.”

Interestingly, Jacques Villeneuve himself is also from a racing family. The 1997 F1 champion’s father and uncle had been F1 racing drivers themselves. It is believed that Gilles Villeneuve and Jacques Joseph Villeneuve laid down the foundation for the Canadian to enter the sport.

Formula One F1 – Austrian Grand Prix – Red Bull Ring, Spielberg, Austria – July 7, 2022 Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and his father Jos Verstappen ahead of the Grand Prix REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger
Max Verstappen has heard far worse in his career as a premier racing driver of the world. Even a former champion insinuating that would do nothing to the phenomenal success and popularity that the Dutch superstar has achieved in the last few years. Purely based on his racing abilities and keeping things to the point.

Even though Jacques Villeneuve stated his thoughts on Max Verstappen’s status, the Red Bull driver thinks otherwise. In a video taken during his early days in F1, the 2021 champion stated, “I think the most important thing about racing itself is about racing itself. If you want to do it yourself… ..It’s not that you get pushed by your parents and luckily that was not the case with me because the first time I asked if I could get a Go-Kart, my dad said ‘No, we have to wait until you’re six.’”

On how he got initiated to the sport, “Back then I was four years old, so I started crying. After half a year of crying and pushing, I got my Go-Kart. At the end of the day, my dad was still very pleased that I chose to be a racer”, concluded the defending F1 champion.

For his father, Verstappen Sr. thinks “it’s exciting, he knows what he’s doing.” The duo of Max and Jos Verstappen is often seen talking and discussing the race at the paddock. Undoubtedly, they stand at the pinnacle of success in motor sport.

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