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Royal Throne Rift: Prince Charles might let Prince William take the throne to avoid conflict

Prince Charles and his alleged rift with his son Prince William have been garnering much attention.

Amidst the rumors of secret rivalry, experts believe that the Prince of Wales might let his son take the throne.

According to Express, the father-son duo has been engaging in dramatic fights as William was accused of having a bit of a temper.
The outlet reported that even Camilla, Charles’ wife, witnessed William yelling at his father while the future monarch remained silent.

Princess Diana’s former voice coach, Stewart Pearce, also shared a similar opinion: “He [Charles] may not take the throne, he may hand it to his young son. He doesn’t want to do it, such a difficult task,” reported Marie Claire.

Meanwhile, the Independent reported that if Charles chooses to not ascend the throne then the honour will go to William to avoid a “constitutional crisis.”

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