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‘They Feel That [That] Hurts Their Product’: Tiger Woods and Other Players Devise ‘Actionable Steps’ and Place 2 Major Appeals to…….

Most of the top PGA Tour stars have left the Tour to join the Saudi-funded LIV Golf. However, some stars have remained loyal to the 92-year-old Golf Tour and spoken against the lucrative Tour. Ahead of the 2nd round of the FedEx Playoffs, 22 PGA Tour players including Tiger Woods held a meeting to discuss and set 2 appeals to the Tour commissioner, Jay Monohan.

Can Tiger Woods Stop Defections to LIV Golf?
“The Rally” crew discusses Tiger Woods joining a PGA Tour meeting to discuss how to continue to keep players from leaving for the LIV Golf tour.

The BMW Championship is set to take place at the Wilmington Country Club’s East Course in Delaware from August 16-21. But before the penultimate play-off event, the players took the opportunity to discuss the measures to be taken to dethrone their rival Tour.

Though Tiger Woods will not be participating in the event, the 15-time Major Champion flew from his Florida home to attend the meeting in Delaware. Moreover, being part of the Tour since 1996, Woods took the responsibility to advise everyone in the meeting.

Tiger Woods and fellow golfers present two appeals to PGA Tour
Nearly a week ago, a federal judge decided the PGA Tour may exclude LIV golfers from the FedEx Cup playoffs, which are scheduled to conclude at the end of August. However, despite the decision, some PGA Tour stars believe more restrictions need to be imposed on the defectors.

The first appeal set by Woods and other golfers was to face each other more often. The PGA Tour is subdivided into European Tour, Canadian Tour, Korn Ferry Tour, and many others. Because of this, the best players tend to face each other only 30 percent of the whole season. The PGA Tour golfers including Tiger believe that “they feel that (that) hurts their product”.

As per the appeal given to the PGA Tour commissioner, the best players on the Tour want to face each other more often. Moreover, the players on the Korn Ferry Tour, who aren’t qualified to participate in the PGA Tour, demand to make it to the premium Tour faster.

In the second appeal, apart from the Majors, the PGA Tour players made it clear to exclude LIV Golfer players from all future PGA Tour events. The players wish to never tee off with the golfer from the rival Tour regardless of his world rankings.

According to reports, Woods’ leadership in the meeting was a vital factor. Rory McIlroy later said, “He is the hero that we’ve all looked up to. His voice carries further than anyone else’s in the game of golf.” The 46-year-old has played a major role in expanding the Tour internationally. So it goes without a doubt, that Tiger would make sure nothing harms the legacy of the 92-year-old Tour.

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