‘Roger Is Obviously Entitled to Do Whatever He Wants’- John McEnroe Says Roger Federer Could Have Retired in…

The name Roger Federer is well known all around the world, whether you are a tennis fan or not. Over the course of his 20-plus-year professional career, the Swiss tennis legend has amassed a multitude of admirers and trophies. Which include of course 20 Grand Slam titles.

Roger Federer’s long-awaited comeback from injury is expected to take place next month. However, there are raising fears among fans about how many chances they will get to watch Federer in action. Tennis legend John McEnroe recently talked about Federer’s retirement.

John McEnroe talks about Roger Federer’s retirement
In a recent interview when asked about potential retiree, Roger Federer, who is making his comeback next month by playing in the Laver Cup. McEnroe said “As far as retirement, I thought that what he was going to do was he was going to play Laver Cup because he in part owns it and he wants to make that a big event, which I think it should be because it’s his name and Rod Laver’s. I thought he was going to play the Laver Cup and go to Basel, play in his hometown, and retire. That’s what I thought he was going to do.”

Further, he added, “Roger is obviously entitled to do whatever he wants. And if he feels up to it, he could do some damage. It’s hard to envision that at 41 that he could win a Major, but then again I said that six years ago when he came back after having not played for six months and having surgery at Wimbledon after the year I was with Milos and got to the finals.”

Roger Federer and his much-anticipated comeback
More worries regarding Roger Federer’s future have been raised since his short 2021 run. However, The Swiss Maestro remained honest, revealing that the end of his playing career is indeed near.
He withdrew from both the Australian and French Opens in early 2022, the US Open later that year, and other tournaments. At first, expectations were high for a heroic comeback at Wimbledon, but as his rehab progressed, those expectations also faded.

In fact, the Swiss player has announced a return to the court in September. He will compete in the Laver Cup in doubles alongside fellow tennis great Rafael Nadal. Along with Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic, he will represent Team Europe under captain Bjorn Borg. Between September 23 and 25, the competition will be held in the O2 Arena in London.

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