Here’s Why Justin Thomas Once Labeled Tiger Woods a ‘Weirdo,’ Much to Everyone’s Surprise

Former No. 1, Tiger Woods, and FedEx Cup winner, Justin Thomas, are PGA Tour members but significantly different. Woods is a legend, and to create a legacy, you have to pay the price. Thomas is on the way to creating a gift, but his methods differ drastically from Woods.

Who doesn’t admire Woods? His game technique and consistency are remarkable, and fans idolize them. But Thomas has different thoughts as he considers the Green Jacket winner a ‘weirdo.’ Let’s dig deeper and learn about the whole incident.

Thomas’ comment on Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods has a schedule that he follows daily. He did not become a legend overnight; he worked hard for it. You struggle, and you win. But two-time major championship winner, Justin Thomas, did not like Woods’ methods. And its proof can be dated back in 2019. Before the final round of Masters at Augusta National, they shifted the tee times in the morning to avoid thunderstorms. They provided Woods with a time of 9:30 AM.

But Woods got up early morning at 3:45 am. He wanted to warm up and prepare for the tee. His plan worked. He hit the ball and was right after 54-hole leader, Francesco Molinari. Thomas teed off at 7:34 am in the first round. He could post two-under 69. After his shots, he compared his morning routine with Woods’ and said he was a weirdo to get up so early. According to him, Woods might not sleep at all. He said, “Well, Tiger’s a weirdo. It doesn’t really count. He doesn’t sleep anyway.”

The crazy morning routine
The banter by Thomas wasn’t the first time. It started in 2018 during the Genesis Open. Thomas was very curious about Woods’ morning practice routines. He asked Woods on the plane about it. Woods’ reply blew his mind.
Woods told Thomas that he used to get up early in the morning and go for a run, followed by the gym. After that, he would play for two-three hours and come back. After his play and practice sessions, he played basketball or tennis if he got company. This routine sounds exhausting, but this made him a legend. Thomas’ habit isn’t that bad. He goes to bed early and wakes up early too. However, Woods’ routine was mind-blowing.

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