Nadal: This is a complicated year because of family matters

Rafa Nadal spoke for the first time since accompanying Roger Federer on his farewell as a professional tennis player, and it was precisely at an awards ceremony where he received the Camino Real award from King Felipe VI.
There he confessed several personal matters, and even spoke of his future fatherhood.

Nadal has had a tough year
The Spaniard opened up about the personal conflicts he is experiencing, as well as the paternity that awaits him in the coming weeks.

“This is a complicated year, because of family matters,” he said.
“For now I’m experiencing joys and difficult moments.”
Nadal jokes about his career and his possible retirement
“I hope it is not implied with this event and award that my career is over, far from it,” he joked.
“At least that is not the intention. The intention is to continue carrying the name of Spain around the world, and competing.

On the birth of his child, which is close, Maria Francisca Perello, wife of Nadal, did not want to give many details, but it is known that the baby could be premature.

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