‘He’d Be Very Disappointed in Me’: Tiger Woods Emotionally Confessed His Feelings About His Father’s Absence Following…

Late Earl Woods, the father of golf legend, Tiger Woods, played a significant role in making him the world’s finest golfer. Woods loved his father too much and was lost after his demise in 2006. He used to hug his father before receiving any victory trophy, but now he can’t. The PGA Championship winner was never a bad son, but he was not proud of what he had become.

In an interview, former No.1 poured his heart out and revealed how his father would have felt if he were alive. Woods was emotional, and it was clear he was missing his father. After the deadly car crash, it was his first interview in 2010, and he could not stop talking about his father. Let’s find out what he felt about his father’s absence.

Tiger Woods says his father would be disappointed in him
Accepting that he has done some pretty bad things in his life, Tiger Woods explains to the Golf Channel during an interview that he would disappoint his father if he were alive. But why would he say so?
Woods said, “He’d be very disappointed in me.” The PGA Tour member added that he misses his father a lot. His guidance would have helped the five-times green jacket winner if he were here with him. Earl Woods was a dedicated father, as he devoted himself to making Woods the best golfer. But with his absence now, Woods believes that he lost track and went on the wrong path, which would have been a massive disappointment for his father as well, as he hurt many people.

It was his first interview after the Florida car crash in 2009. He was going through a bad time, and the rumors of his alleged scandals made things harder for him. His father was his backbone, which was weakening with his absence. However, Woods got inspired by his father; he made sure that his kids knew the facts and right things about him. Maybe he thought he would have disappointed his father, but he was becoming a good father.

Was Woods reminiscing about his deeds?
Woods was in a car accident in Florida where his SUV rolled off a steep, winding road. The accident happened in Rancho Palos Verdes in 2009, and they immediately took him to the hospital. While recovering, he was away from golf and went down memory lane. The 15 times major winner shared the outcome during the interview, as Woods said he was feeling a lot better about his life after realizing the things he did to hurt people.

He said, “I was living a life of a lie, I really was.” His life was not on the right track, and he was lost. But the accident gave him time to rethink everything and eliminate the hurting of people.

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