Novak Djokovic’s family launch latest venture with the backing of…

Novak Djokovic is always keen to promote a healthy lifestyle, so some eyebrows have been raised after his decision to back the latest venture fronted by his uncle Goran.
The 21-time Grand Slam champion has been a champion for encouraging all his admirers to take ownership of their own bodies and he highlighted by his refusal to take a Covid vaccine last year.

That decision ensured he missed this year’s Australian Open, US Open and all tournaments in north America, yet it seems he is supporting the Djokovic wine product that is a result of the vineyard bought by his family back in 2015.

Djokovic appeared at an event to promote the wine earlier this year and his uncle Goran has insisted there is no negativity around his backing for the alcohol brand.
“There are many challenges, but we try to achieve the maximum in this business, as in everything,” Goran was quoted by Vino and Fino. “Even Novak’s racket is not perfect, but he is still the best in the world.”

In a separate interview with The Pavlovic Today, Goran expanded further on the wine venture as he stated: “We always try to create something new. This was a big challenge for us. This year marks the seventh year since we purchased the vineyard and embarked on the wine-producing journey.
“Novak came to the soft launch of Djokovic wine as a family member,” added Goran, who insisted Djokovic was not a promoter of alcohol.

“He was very pleased with everything. Novak always wants to promote Serbia.”
Vino and Fino report that Djokovic Chardonnay 2020 is a wine with lots of ripe fruit, melon, pear and mango. Tropical notes are felt in the finish, along with the juiciness of ripe fruit and baked lemon. There are also creamy tones of butter, like the aroma of bread crust.

Meanwhile, the Djokovic Syrah 2020 vintage is in line with the style typical of the Old World, especially the homeland of the variety, the Rhône Valley.
The aroma is meaty, reveals black fruit and wet stone, with some floral tones, spices and well-integrated wood that is recognized in the smoky notes. Moderately full, velvety tannins, fleshy and persistent, slightly spicy and mineral.

The price suggests the Djokovic wine brand are aiming for high-end clients, with 8,500 bottles were put on sale at lavish prices.

The report suggests the wine will be sold at around £1000 a bottle, with this long-term project for the Djokovic family coming to fruition.

As is the case with many of the game’s top stars, business investments away from the game are part of their post-tennis plan, but Andy Murray said last week that he would not invest in an alcohol brand.
“When I started out as a tennis player, I don’t think I really understood marketing,” he stated.
“I just wanted to play tennis, so it didn’t really interest me. But as I’ve got older and worked with lots of different brands, I have a better appreciation of marketing and its importance in the business of sport.

“This is particularly the case now I have my own apparel brand, AMC. I get regular sales data updates, so it’s very clear to see when a marketing activity has had an impact and I find that quite motivating.”
When asked how he selects the brands he works with Murray continued: “It’s something I work on closely with my management team. I have some very clear boundaries for brands they know I wouldn’t work with, tobacco, gambling, alcohol companies, for example.

“And then we try to identify brands that share some of the same goals or values or ambitions as I have. American Express has a strong heritage in sport and—as a global brand—they invest in really great campaigns that are always fun to work on. I loved this year’s Wimbledon activation. Head has been a partner for over 20 years—I started playing with Head rackets as a teenager and have stuck with them ever since.
“The process of working with AMC was a really interesting one—I’d wanted to set up my own apparel brand for a long time.

“I felt there was a clear gap in the market for stylish tennis wear and so, with my team, we identified Castore as a brand that could help me deliver something I felt really proud of. I like the fact that they are a British brand, set up by two brothers—and that sustainability is important to them.”

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