Roger Federer rumored for shock tennis move after tearful farewell

Legendary tennis commentator and former player Sue Barker has reportedly hinted that Roger Federer could join the BBC commentary team for next year’s Wimbledon Championships.
Federer recently retired in an emotional farewell at the 02 Arena after he teamed-up with Rafa Nadal in the doubles during the Laver Cup.

Since his retirement, Federer has stayed out of the limelight after such a high-profile retirement event.
Federer was asked to make an appearance at his home tournament in Basel so fans could pay tribute to their idol.
However, in sad news, Federer has announced his farewell took an emotional toll on him and he wouldn’t be making an appearance.

And now, iconic tennis commentator Sue Barker reportedly gave a hint that Federer could be joining the BBC team for next year’s Wimbledon.

Speaking at a Q&A, Teddington Nub News claimed: “Barker also dropped a heavy hint that tennis legend Roger Federer, who officially retired at The Laver Cup tournament at the 02 last month, may be joining the BBC’s commentary team for Wimbledon next year.”

Barker also recently retired from BBC commentary.
Tennis stars paid tribute to the iconic Wimbledon presenter after 30 years in sports broadcast.
Roger Federer hints at commentary step
Federer admitted he wanted to remain within the sport before his retirement and suggested he had a desire to dip into commentary.

Speaking at a round table to Swiss reporters, Federer was asked what he would do after putting down the racquet.
And Federer said he had a recent realisation that he could see himself in the commentary box.
“I never thought I would say this,” Federer said, according to reporter Simon Graf.
“But six months ago, I suddenly thought commentating on tennis someday. Who knows.

“Although I always said I would never do that.
“But to commentate on some matches at Wimbledon…”
This realisation may be coming to fruition, according to Barker.
Regardless, Federer has remained away from the spotlight after his emotional Laver Cup appearance.
Federer said goodbye to the tennis world with a perfect tribute with moments sure to live long in the memory of tennis fanatics.

The tennis world erupted over the images of Federer and Nadal grabbing hands as they cried together during the celebratory tribute.

Mirka then joined Federer on the court as the pair embraced in a beautiful moment.
Broadcast focused on Federer during the tributes, but crowd members picked up the moment Mirka went over and consoled Nadal as he watched the celebration through tears.

Federer became extremely emotional in his post-match interview when he dedicated a special thank you to Mirka for their journey throughout his tennis career.

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