WATCH: Rafael Nadal’s latest commercial urges viewers – “stop comparing yourself”

Rafael Nadal was recently featured in a commercial that conveyed an important message.
The tennis legend was seen in a Spanish commercial with Heineken’s Amstel Brewery as they appealed to consumers not to compare their lives with someone else’s. The idea is delivered by showing various people feeling bad about their lives when they see others blessed with something they are deprived of.

The commercial starts out with a person sitting at a cafe, watching the news on television showing “the vacations of Rafael Nadal” as the tennis star enters a golf course. The customer is shown exclaiming “Que una vida!” (What a life!), as he subconsciously compares his life to the 22-time Grand Slam champion’s. A similar chain of events transpires throughout the video until Nadal stops by the cafe and is intrigued by the customer’s life and exclaims “Que una vida!”

“Do you also spend your life comparing? Comparing makes no sense, it’s better to #DiscoverTheIncomparable. Amstel Ultra and Rafa Nadal invite you to stop comparing yourself,” the video conveys.
The Spaniard signed a three-year partnership with the brewery in 2021. It marks his first association with a beer company.

Announcing the partnership, the Heineken company said that Nadal was set to feature in various global marketing activities, promoting two of its products.
“The partnership, through to 2024, will see Amstel ULTRA and Amstel 0.0 feature Rafael Nadal in a variety of global marketing activities to launch in the coming months, with the creative set to focus on how Amstel’s lifestyle range fits with his balanced lifestyle,” the company said.“Rafael Nadal will also be an ambassador for Amstel 0.0, helping highlight the importance of moderation and responsible consumption as part of HEINEKEN’s wider Brewing a Better World ambition to create more choice for consumers within the zero alcohol category.”

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