Rafael Nadal ‘training well and following schedule’ for injury…

Rafael Nadal’s doctor has provided an update of the injury rehabilitation of the 22-time Grand Slam winner.
Nadal was only able to play his doubles match paired with Roger Federer at the Laver Cup but is expected to return for the Paris Masters.

His doctor has revealed that he is delighted to be a father and remains on schedule with his training plan.
“Rafa is fine, very happy with his fatherhood,” said Angel Cotorro.
“Once that situation is fulfilled, which logically takes you out of the day to day, he is training well and following the schedule for the end of the season.”

The doctor remains impressed by Nadal’s commitment to continuing to play tennis at an elite level.
“I think the secret is hard work, passion for the sport, trying to improve every day, and having outstanding physical tennis qualities. He is a historic player for our sport and there he continues to give us joy.”
The doctor had described the terrific run Nadal went on from the beginning of the 2022 season as a miracle considering his battles with injury and chronic pain.

“It seems to me a spectacular thing, it would be a miracle for any normal person, but he is able to do it because he really is a different person,” Cotorro said in an interview in June.
Nadal has indicated that he intends to play in the ATP Tour Finals in Turin.
He played all four Slams this year despite his injury troubles and won the French Open while his foot was numbed by painkilling injections.

Nadal has not entered an ATP Tour event since his exit from the US Open in the last eight.
The Spaniard himself has credited humility learned from family with helping him get through challenges in his career.

“It is important to have a true inner humility, not a false humility, to accept that it is not always good, bad times are better tolerated.
“One of the keys for me to continue playing tennis today is that I have tolerated success and failure equally.”
There has been speculation that fatherhood might accelerate Nadal’s retirement.

However, when announcing his wife’s pregnancy, Nadal said: “I don’t know how this is going to change my life, but I don’t expect it to change my professional career.”
Nadal is currently the man to have won the most Grand Slams in history but he has just one more Major win than his fierce rival Novak Djokovic.

Less than a year in age separates Nadal from Djokovic but the Serbian is expected to continuing playing for significantly longer and is favourite to end with the Grand Slam record in his possession.

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