“If you’re gonna lose Rafael Nadal at your tournament, how…

Losing a player of the caliber of Rafael Nadal early in a tournament is not a great outcome for the tournament organizers, but US Open Tournament Director Stacey Allaster suggested that they got the next best outcome at the 2022 US Open. She stated that if they had to lose Nadal early at this year’s US Open, she was glad that the player who beat him was an American.

Frances Tiafoe stunned the Spaniard in the fourth round of the 2022 US Open in September, in what was the young American player’s greatest career victory. Tiafoe went on to reach the semifinals, where he bowed out of the tournament with a loss against eventual champion Carlos Alcaraz.

Speaking about the 2022 US Open from the perspective of the tournament director, Allaster opened up about the Nadal-Alcaraz match in particular.
“If you’re gonna lose Rafael Nadal at your tournament, how great that it was to an American,” Stacey Allaster said during a chat with host Marc Sterne on ‘Courtside : The US Open Podcast.’

The 59-year-old also believes the ‘Next Gen’ is well equipped but stressed that tennis is in a transition phase with the retirements of Serena Williams and Roger Federer, and hopes to see the 36-year-old Mallorcan continue playing on tour for at least a few more years.

“As we transition as a sport, no Roger, no Serena, no Venus. Hopefully, we get a few more years from Rafa. It’s like we’re going to drop in popularity,” continued Allaster.
Allaster further lavished praise on Tiafoe for his breakthrough Grand Slam performance at the US Open. The former WTA CEO also hailed the contribution of Taifoe’s coach Wayne Ferreira to the American player’s success. Allaster feels that Tiafoe had his chances to beat Alcaraz in the semifinals.

“Big Foe just loves the moment. So happy for him and so proud of him. He’s been working hard on his game. I think Wayne Ferreira is a fantastic coach, they’re very well balanced…I think he’s done a great job with him. His semi against Alcaraz, he had his moments,” Allaster said further.

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