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Who is Rose Rocksavage, the woman Kate Middleton hates for allegedly having an affair with Prince William?

The death of queen Elizabeth this year made the United Kingdom’s royal family appear relevant outside of Britain, and they have since been making headlines for reasons beyond the change from queen to king.
The latest story to gather attention has been that of prince William’s alleged infidelity, apparently having cheated on Kate Middleton.

Who did William cheat on Kate Middleton with?
Rose Hanbury is the woman that William is alleged to have cheated with. She was a close friend of Kate’s as a neighbour before they had moved into the royals’ official residence.

She previously worked as a model with the same agency as Kate Moss and is now 35 years old.
The story broke in the United Kingdom in 2019. Then, the internet was filled with pictures of William with his alleged lover and they were very compromising images.
William and Rose were snapped together in a club kissing and getting very close.

Who is Rose Rocksavage?
Rose’s maiden name is Hanbury but she has been married since 2009. Her husband is 23 years her senior and named David Rocksavage. ??Together the couple have three children – nine-year-old twins and another child who is three years old.
Kate has grown to hate her one-time friend and has distanced herself from Rose, rather understandably. She remains married to William though.

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