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Kate Middleton left ’embarrassed’ after sweet gesture to Prince George ends in disaster

A secret disaster has been revealed by the Princess of Wales, as she attempted to learn a skill when pregnant with her first child, Prince George.

Kate Middleton has been renowned for being a hands-on parent with her royal children, even before she had given birth to them. The Daily Record reports that the royal was determined to give the kids as much of a normal life as possible.

Both Kate and Prince William were said to be hands-on parents, so much so, that during a past visit to Glasgow, Kate had attempted to learn a new skill when pregnant with George.
Princess Kate had taken up the popular hobby to give the eldest child George a special present when he was born. But, her plan ended in disaster when she realised she was “really bad” at it – and ended up scrapping the gift altogether.

This skill was knitting, and Kate has admitted she is not the most talented at it. The Princess of Wales first revealed she was trying her hand at knitting way back in 2013 when she was pregnant with George.
According to Hello!, she told a group of royal fans while visiting Glasgow: “I’ve been trying to knit and I’m really bad. I should be asking for tips!”

In 2020, during a trip to Bradford, Kate visited Older Yet Wiser – an organisation that supports grandparents – and met with some people who were showing off their crocheting skills to the royal.
It was there that she confessed yet again that her attempts to knit George a jumper had completely failed.

She told the group: “I tried knitting when I first had George. I tried to knit him a very special jumper, but I got halfway down and it splattered. It’s such an amazing skill.”

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