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Kate Middleton, Prince William ‘under pressure’ following a ‘big, bold move’

Kate Middleton and Prince William recently moved out of Kensington for Adelaide Cottage in Windsor shortly after the summer holidays.

A royal expert recently claimed that the move rather proved to be ‘stressful’ for the couple especially when Queen Elizabeth II died.

TalkTV’s Royal Tea host Sarah Hewson asked Katie Nicholl: “Katie, you said this week she has been under pressure, she has been stressed of late and that William and Kate have not had the settling-in period they might have been hoping for of their new life?”

“Absolutely. They’ve said that themselves… that this hasn’t been the settling period that they had hoped for,” Katie responded.

“Of course, they made that big move just after the summer holidays to move to Windsor. A significant and pretty bold move leaving Kensington Palace, enrolling the children in new schools, setting up a new life for themselves in Windsor,” the royal expert continued.
Katie also noted: “Of course, no one could have expected that the Queen would have died just at the start of all of that.”

“Very, very difficult times. I think behind the scenes there is a fair bit of stress and anxiety for all of the family.”

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