Carlos Alcaraz suffering from same problem as Rafael Nadal as Spaniard gives injury update

Carlos Alcaraz is suffering from an abdominal injury just like Rafael Nadal had earlier this year. World No 1 tennis sensation Alcaraz retired from his French Masters clash with Holger Rune on Friday in clear pain.
The 19-year-old said he “preferred” to withdraw from the quarter-final match to prevent risking further damage to his abdominal. He revealed afterwards that he was struggling to hit basic shots due to the issue, which he worryingly claims to have suffered from before.

“It’s something wrong with the abdominal. Yeah, at the end of the set, it was wrong. It was getting wrong, and yeah, I preferred to retire and see it, and take care of it,” Alcaraz told journalists.
“I cannot stretch. I mean, I couldn’t serve well. I couldn’t hit the forehand well. When I turn the body, I feel it.

“So I feel the abdominal in so many movements. Yeah, I was thinking about it. And, yeah, playing like that with some problems and some things in my mind, it’s better to retire.
“I think it’s the first time, but is in a zone that I have problems, I have problems before. Yeah, as I said, I’m gonna do some tests in the abdominal and let’s see if it’s the same problem as I felt before or no.”

It is a similar injury with which Nadal has struggled this year. The Spaniard was forced to pull out of Wimbledon before the semi-final, while the issue also flared up at the US Open.
Nadal recently pulled out of the National Bank Open in Montreal to continue his rehabilitation. The 36-year-old felt another problem with his ongoing abdominal injury while practising ahead of the tournament.

He said in a statement last week: “I have been practising for a while now without serving and started with serves four days ago. Everything has been going well. However yesterday, after my normal practice, I felt a slight bother on my abdominal and today it was still there.

“After speaking with my doctor, we prefer to take things in a conservative way and give a few more days before starting to compete. I would like to thank Eugene, the tournament director, and all his team for understanding and supporting me and this decision.
“I am very sad not to finally travel to Montréal. It’s a tournament that I have won five times and I love to play there. I seriously hope I can come back there to play in front of the amazing crowds up there.”

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