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‘Flirty’ Prince William ‘banned’ from school runs

Kate Middleton has just been accused of trying to ‘ban’ Prince William from Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis’ school runs following accusations of ‘flirting’.

An inside source close to Life & Style offered these shocking revelations in their November 14 issue.

The insider began by painting a descriptive picture of the entire school drop-off and admitted, “They call him Prince Charming behind his back and fight with each other to grab his attention.”

The same insider also went on to note that Prince William tends to be “a bit of a flirt” and caused Kate Middleton to go “ballistic on him about it before the October break.”

It reportedly ended up getting to a point where “she banned him from going to the school.”

This allegedly happened after seeing a few interactions between him and a divorced woman who kept complimenting him.

Another one of the flirty women allegedly ended up ‘going too far’ when she “gently stroked William’s arm right in front of Kate at a Lambrook function.”

This caused Kate to get “annoyed” and a “little jealous” and made Kate take on all the school runs.

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