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Known for Her Loud Grunting, Russian Star Maria Sharapova Once Received Sharp Criticism From ……

In an exclusive interview, Chris Evert once sharply criticized Maria Sharapova’s habit of grunting during her matches. Evert had accused contemporary players of cynically employing the tactic at key junctures in matches. Over the years, Evert has vehemently advocated banning grunting from tennis.

Chris Evert had a reputation for being extremely focused during her matches. She had acknowledged that she would find it difficult to compete against an opponent who is grunting in the middle of a point. Throughout her career, Maria Sharapova was the subject of discussion regarding the volume and distraction her grunting during rallies caused to her opponents.

Sharapova once received sharp criticism from the legendary Chris Evert
In an interview in 2009, Chris Evert criticized Maria Sharapova for grunting, calling it an attempt to distract the opponent. Evert said, “It is distracting when you are hearing this and I think the grunts are getting louder and more shrill now with the current players.” She further explained how the shrill sound player emits and grunting are completely two different types of sounds.

The Russian tennis player is the epitome of making loud grunting noises while executing her shots. Her grunts have gone as high as 103 decibels at one time in her career. When Evert was playing, Monica Seles was the only player who compared to Sharapova when it comes to grunting.

The former champion further added, “The next time you watch say a Maria Sharapova — the grunting is consistent but all of a sudden when she has a set up to hit a winner.”

She also emphasized how “Steffi Graf hit the ball a ton and she didn’t grunt. There are a lot of players, hard-hitting players, and you never heard a peep out of them. I don’t understand the philosophy of the habit.”

Evert and Navratilova will act as ambassadors at the WTA Finals
The Billie Jean King Trophy will be presented to the 2022 WTA Finals singles champion by Chris Evert. The 18-time Grand Slam Champion won the inaugural season finale in 1972.

The 2022 WTA Finals, which in ongoing in Fort Worth, Texas, will have two of the greatest WTA players as its ambassadors. Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova will be in attendance as Legend Ambassadors.

Who do you think will claim the WTA Finals title in 2022? Give us your predictions in the comments.

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