Novak Djokovic shows major respect, appreciation for Roger Federer

21-time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic was full of praise when asked about Roger Federer’s greatness and legacy. Federer, 41, retired from professional tennis after this year’s Laver Cup. Federer, a former 20-time Grand Slam champion, was viewed as the ultimate tennis icon and best ambassador of the game in tennis history.

Djokovic, who had a big rivalry with Federer, has nothing but respect and appreciation for the Swiss. “His footprint, his legacy, his mark that he left behind is going to live forever. Even now that he retired, his legacy is going to be there for many many decades and generations to follow.

He has not only achieved so much on the court but he has inspired so many young players to take a racket in their hand. You have so many top players now talking about it, Roger was their idol. That’s great, that speaks of his greatness,” Djokovic said on Tennis Channel, per Sportskeeda.

Djokovic on Federer’s retirement
Federer announced his plans to retire just seven days before the start of the Laver Cup. Djokovic was already signed up for the Laver Cup so it was clear that Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray would all be a part of Federer’s farewell.

For the final match of his career, Federer teamed up with Nadal for a doubles match. While Federer and Nadal were playing, Djokovic and Murray supported them from the bench. “I was very honored to be there. We were all emotional.
I think the intensity of the rivalries is so high that you don’t have time while you are active to reflect on some larger things, big picture things about each other. We shared the stage together, talking about Roger and Rafa of course, for almost 20 years.

I mean, it’s incredible,” Djokovic added Djokovic, 35, has been asked about his retirement several times since the Laver Cup. In his responses, Djokovic indicated that he has no plans to retire in the foreseeable future.

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