‘Not the Nicest Guy in the World’ – Roger Federer’s Biographer Reveals How He and Michael Jordan Have Similar Egos

Swiss Maestro Roger Federer recently played his last game. After battling his knee injury, the 41-year-old called it quits after one last appearance at the Laver Cup. Over the years, Federer not only earned millions of fans because of his performances but also because of his gentlemanlike behavior, both on and off the court.

However, Journalist Simon Cambers in his book “The Roger Federer Effect” wanted to show the other side of Federer. He wanted to make sure that the story didn’t look all good and shiny. In a recent podcast, he revealed how hard it was to discover the negative shades in Roger Federer’s life.

When Roger Federer was called the ‘king of backhanded compliments’
Discussing the contents of his book in the Tennis.com podcast with Kamau Murray, Cambers explained how he wanted his book to look unbiased and wanted to capture the negative emotions about Federer.

Giving an example of Michael Jordan, he said,
“Now we have seen the last dance. We know that Jordan was not the nicest guy in the world. There was a lot more to him than we know.” He further revealed something about the 20-time Grand Slam champion. “With Roger, somebody… described him as the absolute king of backhanded compliments. No one gives a little nudge. Seems like a compliment, but actually there was a bit more to it than you’d imagine. Federer did it with a smile and because it was him, you go probably he didn’t mean that, but maybe he did,” he added.

Any human being is bound to have both positives and negatives. It is up to us how we want the world to remember us. The way Federer carried himself all these years, we can surely say that he will always be remembered as one of the greatest tennis players and surely the nicest of them all.

Federer will be back on the tennis court
There is exciting news for the Federer fans out there. The 41-year-old is all set to return to the court. The Swiss Maestro will play alongside wheelchair star Shingo Kunieda at a Uniqlo event in Tokyo.

Federer last played in the Laver Cup earlier this year. He played doubles alongside fellow legend Rafael Nadal. The pair’s first match against the American duo of Jack Sock and Frances Tiafoe happened to be the last professional tennis match of Federer’s career.

The event in Tokyo will be a tribute to the global brand ambassador of the clothing brand and aims to inspire the future generation.

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