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Royal Fued – Striping Harry, Meghan of their titles was ‘not up to King Charles’

Royal experts opened up on the possibility of King Charles III stripping Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of their royal titles.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are said to be “worried” about losing their titles following the release of Harry’s forthcoming memoir, Spare.

During her conversation with GB News host Nana Akua, Angela said: “No, I don’t think he will ever do that. It is not up to him.
“It has to come from parliament. There has to be a vote for it. He can’t just say ‘Off with their titles.

“He can’t do that. I think, as a father he loves his son, and he did get on well with Meghan.”
“He will not suddenly say that’s it.”

The biographer continued: “But, I do believe if the book that is coming out attacks them all, she and Harry are in for something.
“But it would have to be a significant nastiness for that to happen.”

The host asked: “So the public could put a petition together to get their titles removed and get parliament to look at that?”
The expert responded: “Let’s do it! Shake on it!”

GB News host added: “Write your book, make your money, do your thing, but don’t do it trading as a royal member.”

Angela replied: “They hang onto their title as if it’s the most important thing, but the monarchy doesn’t have much importance to them.”

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