Anthony Joshua receives brutal call out from forgotten foe – ‘He’s not a killer’

Jarrell ‘Big Baby’ Miller claims Anthony Joshua ‘is not a killer’ as he called out his long-time rival. The pair were set to face each other in June 2019 but the fight was cancelled after Miller tested positive for banned substances GW501516, EPO and HGH.

In his place, Andy Ruiz Jr stepped in on short notice and handed ‘AJ’ the first loss of his professional career. This would not be the first or the last time that Miller would fail a drugs test.
In 2014, during his time in professional kickboxing, Miller was suspended for nine months by the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) after returning adverse findings for methylhexanamine ahead of Glory 17: Los Angeles.

Then, 13 months after his failed drugs test ahead of the Joshua fight, Miller tested positive for GW501516 again in the lead-up to his return to the ring against Jerry Forrest. The ashamed heavyweight was handed a two-year ban – and now a few months after the two-year mark, the Nevada State Athletic Commission has cleared Miller to fight.
Miller faced Ariel Esteban Bracamonte and Derek Cardenas in winning efforts earlier this year under different auspices and is set to do battle with Awadh Tamim next on November 4 in Tanzania.

However, the American is still pushing for a fight with Joshua and has had some very choice words to say about the Watford powerhouse. Speaking during a recent appearance on the BOXR podcast, Miller was asked who he would like to fight the most out of the current crop of heavyweights.

In response, he said: “Oh AJ, belt no belt, I’ve still got to punch that scallywag, crumpets and tea because if you watching, ever since I punked his a*** in New York he’s never been the same. He lost all his marbles, Andy [Ruiz Jr] smoked him, [Oleksandr] Usyk smoked him twice.

“I tell people this, media can be your worst enemy or your best friend. Media was both, it made him be something that he wasn’t. He’s not a killer, he’s not an animal, he’s not a savage. I know killers and savages in the ring, he’s not one of them. So, I always knew that, and I knew whenever he’s in front of a super tough task he’s going to crumble, he’s going to crack, and Usyk just ran from him and beat him up.”

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