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Kate Middleton, William leave fans in tears with their unexpected gestures

Prince William and Kate Middleton are being lauded as the Prince and Princess of the people for their amazing gestures and heart-melting moves.
The Prince and Princess of Wales received warm welcome in Scarborough. The royal couple showed their natural rapport with members of the public as they posed for selfies and left some of them ‘crying with happiness’.
During the visit, Kate and William also spent time meeting fans who had queued up to catch a glimpse of their favourite royals.

William and Kate’s photos have appeared on Instagram as fans have posted their selfies with the Prince and Princess, claiming they were ‘crying with happiness’ at having met their idols.

The fans were not expecting to enjoy such amazing moments with their favourite royals.
Jamie Winspear exclaimed he was ‘crying happiness’ after meeting the royal couple. Another lucky royal fan, Stephanie Garnett, appeared lost for words as she posted her selfie with the Prince of Wales, simply captioning the snap: ‘Omg’.

One royal fan, Jamie Winspear, who posted separate selfies with the royal couple, captioned the snaps: ‘Oh my goodness, lost for words, crying happiness, love it, got photo with royal family, beautiful.’
Kate Middleton and Prince William also posed for selfies with an excited fan Beatrice Baldwin who was also not expecting to capture the moment with the royals.

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