“Luckily me and Novak Djokovic didn’t dance” – Petra Kvitova reflects on…

Recalling her two Wimbledon wins in a recent interview with Flashscore, Petra Kvitova discovered a common thread — Novak Djokovic, the player who stood next to her at the Championships Ball on both occasions,

Responding to a question about Djokovic’s dancing skills (the two singles Wimbledon champions, at one point, opened the dance at the gala event), Kvitova joked that “luckily” she did not have to dance with Djokovic — saying that “dancing and me is a bad combination.” Kvitova also recalled Djokovic being late for the ball, saying it was probably because he had just finished his singles final a few hours prior.

“Both times I won Wimbledon, Djokovic won it,” Petra Kvitova said. “Luckily we didn’t dance (laughs). It worked out very well for me because dancing and me is a bad combination.””You’ll probably never see me in Dancing with the Stars,” she continued. “Otherwise, Novak has always been very nice, but because it’s on a Sunday when they play, he was late. There was always a wait for him, and it was so fast. But luckily we didn’t dance, that tradition was abandoned earlier.”

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