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As Said – Prince George will never take throne, Prince William will be the last King?

Prince of Wales, Prince William could be the last ruling British monarch and his son Prince George will never be the king, a royal historian has predicted.

Prince William is the first in line to throne while Prince George is second after King Charles became King following the death of Queen Elizabeth in September.

Author and history writer Hilary Mantel, in an interview last year, had said she believes Prince George will never take the throne, and that his father, Prince William, will be the last King.

She told The Times after King Charles, Prince William will be crowned monarch – but that line will end there.

Hilary Mantel went on to say: “I think it’s a fair prediction, but let’s say I wouldn’t put money on it.

“It’s very hard to understand the thinking behind the monarchy in the modern world when people are just seen as celebrities.”

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