Srdjan Djokovic takes aim at Roger Federer

Srdjan Djokovic seemingly took a shot at Roger Federer while discussing Novak Djokovic’s future. Speaking on Novak’s chances of competing at the 2023 Australian Open, Srdjan made it clear that he does not expect tennis authorities to help the 21-time Grand Slam champion to be allowed to play at Melbourne Park next year.

During his appearance on K1 television, Srdjan indicated that Novak plans to play tennis for at least two more years on a high level. While revealing that information, Srdjan appeared to take a shot at Federer, who recently retired after not playing that much in his last seasons on the Tour.
Also, Federer didn’t win any titles after the 2019 season. “Of course they will not lobby because he is the best tennis player in the world. Let them do what they think they need to do, he will definitely be the best athlete of all time.

Novak plans to play for two more years. The way Federer has played in recent years, because of some other things that don’t have a connection with sports, my son can play as much as he wants. But he won’t do it because he’s a Serb, because he’s a Djokovic,” Srdjan Djokovic said on K1 television, per Direktno.hr.

Srdjan Djokovic on Novak being denied participation at the US Open
After being denied participation at the Australian Open, Djokovic captured his seventh Wimbledon title. Then, he was also denied participation at the US Open.

Srdjan thinks that his son was “prevented” from competing at the US Open because at Wimbledon he “showed who was still the best.” “I want to say that Novak is not only the best tennis player, but also a man.

It’s a stunning enigma to me how they didn’t let him play in Melbourne and New York, but they let him play in London. Here, I don’t know. He probably showed them that he is the best there, so they stopped him from going to New York. And those points from London were not accepted,” Srdjan Djokovic added.

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