“He Doesn’t Care Who You Are”: Serena Williams Was Once Left Speechless by “Intense” Lewis Hamilton

Two amazing sporting personalities who have given their 110% in their respective arenas. Irrespective of adversity and tough situations, they have seemed to find their way to victory. That’s Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams for you. The consistency and longevity these two champions have maintained in their careers are astounding.

Serena Williams has a lot of similarities with Lewis Hamilton with regard to their struggle in tennis and F1, respectively. Both champions were not from sporting family backgrounds but had highly supportive fathers. Williams has always been a fan of Hamilton and the way he works hard to level up his performance.

Back in 2020, Serena expressed how she is a fan of Hamilton and adores him. She said, “He [Lewis Hamilton] is for me the greatest driver that our generation has seen. I’m confident that he will break the record of Michael Schumacher, who was also a fabulous driver.”

She stated, “Lewis and I are super close. I’ve known him for years. I love that guy. He’s a really good friend of mine. The guy is such a champion, has such a champion’s mindset.”
“I look at what he does training, physically, his job, it’s really no words for it, to be honest.”
The 23-time Grand Slam winner mentioned how Lewis is so ‘intense’ and lives his life on his sleeve. She said, “He’s very emotional. He says what he says, That’s just who he is. He doesn’t care who you are.”
Williams may be speechless about Hamilton’s fitness and training intensity, though she ain’t behind with her longevity on the court for more than 2 decades.

Both Williams and Hamilton have achieved staggering records in their respective careers. While Lewis surpassed Michael Schumacher‘s wins tally of 91 back in 2020, as Serena had wished, the Briton persists on to get that record 8th championship.

Lewis Hamilton surpassing Michael Schumacher as the Greatest of F1?
Statistically speaking, Lewis Hamilton is overtaking Michael Schumacher, to be the greatest of F1. The German had a supremacy of breaking records for fun back in his titanic championship years. Now the baton has been passed on to the champion from Stevenage.

Hamilton broke the record held by Michael for most pole positions in F1 at the 2017 Italian GP. Lewis recorded his 69th pole position to surpass Schumacher’s tally of 68.
Besides this, the Briton also broke Schumacher’s record for most wins in F1 at the 2020 Portuguese GP. It was Hamilton’s 92nd victory, going past Michael’s 91.

An achievement for the ages 9️⃣2️⃣
A driver they’ll talk about for generations to come 🙇
Congratulations @LewisHamilton 👊#PortugueseGP 🇵🇹 #F1 pic.twitter.com/maPTNUIosL
— Formula 1 (@F1) October 25, 2020

Hamilton is already equal on 7 world championships with Schumacher and awaits a record-breaking 8th. However, Schumacher still holds the record for 5 consecutive world championships during his Ferrari years from 2000 to 2004. Lewis could have held that record if not for Nico Rosberg winning in 2016.
Apparently, it was Schumacher who expected Hamilton to break some of his records when the Briton debuted in 2007. And 15 years later, his prophecy lives on to turn into reality.

It is a battle of the greatest drivers that graced the sport. What Serena wished and what Michael predicted, Lewis is on course to achieve the same. What do you think, can Hamilton beat Schumacher’s record of 7 world titles?

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