‘Roger Federer helped me a lot to…’, says Grand Slam champion

Despite the great season, Rafael Nadal also regrets some physical problems at the end of the season, a situation that would have allowed him to finish at the top of the world ranking. Rafael Nadal’s numbers throughout his career are extraordinary, obviously his numbers on clay are impressive but Rafa has done well almost everywhere.

Rafael Nadal is the only tennis player in history to have won 22 Grand Slam titles, won the Davis Cup and won the Olympic Games. The ATP Finals are the one thing he truly regrets and the one thing Nadal has never won. Rafael Nadal had a great year, at the beginning of the season many doubted his physical condition and he denied it with one of the best comebacks in history.

In the final in Australia he beat Daniil Medvedev after a great comeback and led him to make history. An extraordinary year that also saw him win in Paris, ahead of Casper Ruud in the final and especially after the great rematch, the victory over his great rival Novak Djokovic during the tournament.
Spectacular numbers and an extraordinary year that, at a certain point in the season, even made one think of the Grand Slam. Physical problems prevented it and Rafa finished the season in the worst way. Rafael Nadal finished the season in the world Top 2, almost ending with the final regret of not having surpassed Carlos Alcaraz, ending the season at the top of the Ranking.

This result, however, was a great record for the Spanish champion, the possibility of once again beating his eternal rival Roger Federer. Rafa became the oldest tennis player in history to finish a season in the Top 2 of the ATP ranking, thus breaking Roger Federer’s record.

Federer is enjoying his time
Guest of the program in Aparté on Canal Plus this Thursday, Stan Wawrinka returned to the essential role played by Roger Federer in his career. “When I arrived, Roger was already practically at the top of tennis.

He took me like a big brother. He helped me, we trained a lot together. I was lucky enough to be able to rub shoulders with him a lot, in training, in tournaments. In the Davis Cup, we shared a lot of things. Then he just became a friend. We were somewhat on the same level, not career, but behavior, mutual aid. I owe him a lot in my career.”

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