Dana White slammed by Andy Murray, Arsenal’s Rob Holding, and others for hating on soccer

Dana White has found himself on the receiving end of further outrage, with tennis superstar Andy Murray and Arsenal defender Rob Holding joining in to express their disappointment at White’s comments regarding soccer.
A post put up by SPORTbible on Instagram recently dug up an old video of White talking about his dislike for soccer and how he thought it was the most “talentless sport” that exists. Many famous entities and fans reacted furiously to the 53-year-old’s insult of the world’s most popular sport in the same comment section.

Most recently, Murray and Holding expressed their contempt for Dana White’s “talentless” insult. Commenting on the same Instagram post, the British tennis icon questioned the American version of football, writing:
“Isn’t the goal in American football slightly larger with no goalkeeper to protect it?”
Arsenal’s center-back joined in, and the soccer player pointed out the intricate skills that soccer players require. Holding wrote:

“Least talented sport, you think of how long other sports, involving a ball, are in control/contact with the ball… A footballer has less than a second of contact with a ball to make it go a certain way, and oh yeah, that’s with their foot.”

Dana White also drew the ire of several other famous personalities in the said comment section. Ironically, the UFC recently signed a promotional partnership with La Liga, Spain’s biggest soccer league.

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