‘I’m Hungry. I’m Tired. I’m Thirsty: American Legend Serena Williams’ Relentless Pursuit To Replicate Roger Federer’s Feat Won Hearts in…

In 2020, the tennis legend Serena Williams completed Roger Federer‘s stay-at-home volley challenge with all her dedication. And her narration of the challenge was amazing. Not only that, the way she relentlessly played to complete the challenge won a lot of hearts.

The Swiss maestro, however, shared an unbelievable challenge with other tennis greats like Andy Murray and the 23-time Grand Slam champion a few years ago when he was absent from the tennis court due to an injury and all outdoor activities in the world stopped due to Covid-19.

Serena Williams’ unwavering will to complete Roger Federer’s given challenge
When the former world number one challenged the American tennis player to compete in the volleying challenge from home. The 23-time Grand Slam champion took to her Instagram account to share a video, in which she was seen trying hard to pursue the challenge and replicate Federer’s volleys.

In the video, she was seen hitting the ball against the wall at her home without even dropping it a single time throughout the video. Further, the WTA star also joked that she doesn’t remember how many days now she is doing this. But she is only doing this because the Swiss maestro challenged her.

She said, “When Roger challenged all of us, I knew I couldn’t let anyone down, I had to do this. I am on day three, or four, or five, I don’t know, all I know is I’m still doing this challenge. I had 6 million, 743 million, or trillion. I don’t know some billion… It’s just a long time, I’m hungry, I’m tired, I’m thirsty, but I won’t give up.”

Even fans hyped up the American ace and fills the comment section with positive messages. Fans wrote, “U go, girl,” and “Thank you for my weekend move.”

Further, she also added that she is doing the challenge with the racket that Federer gave her when they last played against each other at the Hopman Cup. The Hopman Cup carries a lot of memories for the 23-time Grand Slam champion. Here’s why?

Playing against Federer was the best match of Williams’ life
The tennis world witnessed the greatest match of all time in January 2019. It was GOAT vs. GOAT. They played Doubles against one another in Australia.

The American claimed that it was the most important match of her career. It is always great to play against someone you greatly admire.

The two tennis legends have developed a strong relationship with one another through time. Not only that but both Federer and Williams retired from tennis at the same time, making the tennis fanbase rue the absence of two legends of the court.

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